LH101-R Radio Hand Controller

Wireless technology has arrived! 

The LH101-R Radio Hand Controller.

All the same features of the LH101, but without any cable!

Connection for control via Xpressnet with the LTM101 radio receiver (shown on right)

Set Radio Hand Controller LH101-R with Receiver LTM101 $565.11CDN (Part Number: 21103) (Available by order)

Radio Hand Controller, only, $449.91CDN (Part Number: 21102) (Available by order)

Please Note: For initial operation of the Radio Hand Controller, a Set LH101-R+LTM101 is required. One receiver can accept four Radio Hand Controllers. Each Command Station, either LZV200, or, LZV100 v3.6 can accept two LTM101 receivers. Therefore a total of eight Radio Hand Controllers can be used on one system!