LH101 Upgrade Instructions

Lenz Elektronik has released firmware version 2.0 for the LH101 Hand Controller which can be upgraded using a Windows 10 computer a USB port and a Programming Cable (USB/RJ) which is available through Accessory Pathways, free of charge. Shipping and handling fees are excluded.

Preparation for Updating:

  1. Install the CV Editor v.1.5. If you do not have it, you can download the software from the Lenz Elektronik website. Use Default install. If you are lucky all the correct drivers will install on your computer.
  2. Open the CV Editor by clicking on the Icon now installed on your Desktop.  Select English (the Union Jack icon at the top right of the application) as the language. It may be necessary to close the program and restart it to proceed further in English.
  3. In the CV Editor, go to the Setup page/tab.
  4. In that Window, click on the box that says LH101 Update.
  5. In the Window that pops up, look for the blank box that has Update file to the LEFT of it. Click on the little box to the RIGHT of it to see where the CV Editor program will look for Update files.
  6. Exit the program. Then, using your File Explorer, copy the current LH101 V.2 Upgrade .hex file from wherever you have it to the directory you noted above. 

Updating the LH101:

  1. Open the CV Editor from the icon on your Desktop and go to the Setup page/tab.
  2. Plug the update cable into a USB port on your computer. Do not plug in the RJ connector to the LH101 at this point.
  3. While holding down the knob on the LH101, insert the RJ connector into the socket on the controller. The display on the LH101 should read: neuesLH101-Prgm vom PC senden! that is: Send new LH101 program from computer
  4. In the CV Editor, click on the LH101 Update
  5. In the Window that pops up, look for the blank box at the top, to the left of Port. From the pull-down menu in that box, select the USB Port to which the LH101 has connected. (It will look completely different from all the 254 possible other COM ports.)
  6. In the next blank box, select the current update file (hex at writing)  In the big white box below, you should get a Read Successful message.
  7. Click on the Connect You will see the narrow rectangular box beneath the big white box begin to fill up from left to right.
  8. Wait until that box is full and you get a message in the big white box indicating the update was successful.
  9. Click on the smaller rectangular box Schliessen in the lower right-hand corner of the popup to close the operation.
  10. Disconnect the cable from the controller and the computer and you are all done. Your LH101 will display its current version.