LZV200 Command Station

The LZV200, Version 4.0, provides all the features of a high quality DCC system:

  • Control up to 9,999 locomotive addresses
  • Control all 69 functions available under NMRA DCC Standards
  • Control up to 2048 accessories like turnouts, lights, sound modules, etc.
  • Available 28 or 128 speed steps
  • Double Header and Locomotive Multiple Unit set up
  • Decoder programming on a Program Track or Programming on the Main
  • Full Railcom function (with Railcom-equipped locomotives)
  • USB and XpressNet interface ports
  • Replaceable internal battery
  • Designed to enable all future software upgrades via USB Update Stick  (Current Update Stick available from Accessory Pathways)

      $574.20CDN (Part Number: 20200)

Please note: The LZV200 is also compatible with legacy LH90 and LH100 Version 3.6 Hand Controllers. However some features of the LZV200 cannot be accessed with the legacy units. Those features include a time clock and access to 69 functions on decoder-equipped locomotives to name two. Legacy Hand Controllers earlier than Version 3.6 are NOT compatible.