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Effective August 1, 2022 | Quoted in Canadian Funds

Product Availability as of June 12, 2024 – Subject to change.

Part NumberProductCDN RetailAvailability
10231-02Locomotive Decoder Standard+ V2, 1A, NEM652$46.71Special Order
10310-02Locomotive Decoder SILVERmini+, 500mA, with cable$71.10In Stock (2)
10311-02Locomotive Decoder SILVERmini+, 500mA NEM651$69.75Special Order
10312-01Locomotive Decoder SILVER+ PluX12, NEM 658$56.70Special Order
10318-01Locomotive Decoder SILVER+ Next18, NEM 662$69.75Special Order
10321-01Locomotive Decoder SILVER+ 21, 1000mA$64.71Special Order
10322-01Locomotive Decoder SILVER+ PluX22, NEM658$62.10Special Order
10330-01Locomotive Decoder SILVER+ Direct 1000mA, NEM652 $66.51Special Order
10433-01Locomotive Decoder GOLD+ 1000mA, NEM652$70.11In Stock (1)
10490POWER 1, Energy storage for locomotive decoders GOLD$84.51Special Order
11010LA010 Adaptor for Turnout Motor Control for LS100$28.26Special Order
11100LS100 Switching Receiver with RailCom, 4 inputs$143.91Special Order
11150LS150 Switching Receiver, 6 inputs$107.91In Stock (4)
11201LR101 Feedback Module with 8 message inputs$111.51Special Order
11210LB101 Block Occupancy Detector, 2 inputs$47.16Special Order
11220LB050 Voltage Detector$40.14Special Order
12200LK200 Reverse Loop Module$138.51In Stock (1)
15120LRC120 RailCom Address Module$107.91Special Order
20200LZV200 Command and Power Station v4.0$574.20Special Order
21010LH01 Hand Controller with rotary knob$125.91Special Order
21101LH101 Hand Controller with rotary knob$300.51In Stock (2)
21102LH101-R Radio Hand Controller with rotary knob$449.91In Stock (4)
21103Set Radio Hand Controller LH101-R with receiver LTM101$565.11In Stock (3)
22103LV103 Power Station 5A$338.31In Stock (1)
22600BM1 Brake Module$25.65Special Order
22610BM2 Brake Module$92.70Special Order
22620BM3 Blocksmodule$107.91Special Order
22621BM3K Block Section Module for Reversing Loop$132.30Special Order
22630BMA Adapter for Block Module BM3$47.25Special Order
23151Interface LAN and USB$300.51Not available until 2025
25150LW150 Button Module$168.30In Stock (1)
60101Set101 Starter Set consists of LVZ200 and LH101$682.20In Stock (2)
60103Set101-R Starter Set consists of LZV200, LH101-R, LTM101$988.20In Stock (2)
80001LY001 Connector Set (Plugs for LZV200 or LV103)$44.91In Stock (1)
80006LY006 XpressNet Cable - Phone to DIN$25.11In Stock (2)
80007LY007 XpressNet Cable - Phone to Phone$20.70Special Order
80014LY014 NMRA plug with harness, 88 mm, bare end$8.37Special Order
80015LY015 NEM651 Plug$8.10Special Order
80016LY016 NEM651 Plug (Package of 5)$32.31Special Order
80145LY145 32 LEDs includes connection cable for LW150$33.30Special Order
80152LA152 Adapter includes Front Faceplate$52.11In Stock (2)
80155LTM101 Radio Receiver$268.20Special Order
80160LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.50m$17.91In Stock (3)
80161LY161 XpressNet Cable 5.00m$25.11In Stock (4)
80210LZV200 Updatestick v4.0$135.00In Stock (11)
NX-CA10060011LH101(R) Upgrade CableFree with purchase of LH101(R)In Stock (4)